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If you are seeking to advance your professional career within the property and construction sector then Rue Two is the number one construction recruitment and property recruitment agency. We don’t just help you find a new job; we will work with you throughout your career.

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About The Construction Sector

The construction sector is the largest employer in the UK and accounts for around 6.5 percent of all jobs. The sector is also highly susceptible to economic change and is still struggling to emerge from the recession.

Despite this there are huge opportunities for professionals in many different disciplines with over 50 percent of employers currently reporting skill shortages in professional and associate professional roles; in particular construction project management jobs, building surveyor jobs, quantity surveyor jobs, cost management and other management roles.

At Rue Two we have an in depth knowledge of the ever changing requirements of the clients we represent and we are highly adept at matching the skills and aspirations of our candidates with the needs of our clients. We are far more than a conventional property recruitment agency; we don’t just match CVs with vacancies, we match real people with real opportunities and cultures.

We are more than happy to meet with you in order to discover just what it is you are looking for either in terms of an immediate job or your long terms goals. We will then work on your behalf to seek and identify current and forthcoming positions that match your skill set, your desired role, your promotion goals and appropriate salary package.

We also maintain a continual monitor of changing recruitment requirements so that we can alert you of any potential future opportunities as soon as they arise.

We can also provide you with general career advice, help you to perfect your CV, and even assist you with interview techniques. All the information you provide us with is totally confidential and we would never disclose it or send your CV anywhere without your explicit permission.

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